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Why I Became a Doula

Have you ever sat back and thought to yourself, "What in the heck is my purpose in this universe?" Ater June 2, 2016, I no longer had a daughter to raise and became a grieving mother. It was so difficult wondering why I still lived and feeling that I was supposed to be buried also. I started thinking of my passion and what drove me. I love babies, pregnant mommies, and the elderly. I decided to focus on two of the three, babies and pregnant mommies!

I love helping bring babies to the Earthside and helping mommies have a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery. Once I researched on how doulas helped to achieve this, I knew this was the route for me. I had been doing this for free without realizing it. I decided to invest in myself and with the support of those closest to me, I started Serene Labors. I want to advocate for those that need to focus on a healthy labor and delivery. I love being part of the birth team and seeing happy families!

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