How to Obtain Doula Services

February 12, 2018

Good morning everyone and welcome to my site! This post is how you can get that emotional support you need during your wonderful pregnancy and miraculous labor. I am a newly trained birth doula and I am looking to help as many women as I can!!!! 


The first step to obtaining a doula is looking within your community. Some counties have specialized programs where they provide doula packages.... Wait for it......FOR FREE!!!!! Ohhhhh, Free is my favorite word! Hillsborough County, Florida is one of these communities. 


Another way is to look for newly trained doulas as they are anxious to start their services. You could also look up doulas in your area by visiting www.dona.org. 


Last, but not least, you can contact me! I am currently looking for two mommies who I can provide doula services to for FREE!!! That's an $800 value!!!!! All I ask is that you evaluate my services. You may contact me for more information at serenelabors@gmail.com.


Every woman deserves a doula. It is so helpful to have that person you can contact any time of the day or night to ask questions or to help you research. Doulas are amazing and their goal is to help you have a smooth calming labor experience. Whether you book me or someone else, PLEEEEEAAAAAASE, book a doula!


-Serene Labors

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