Serene Labors

Supporting Families through Pregnancy and Postpartum

As a professional Doula, I will work by your side as you prepare to give birth; present in each moment with a spirit of love and compassion. Whether you are interested in a birthing class, or would like to work with me as your doula, I’ll provide the emotional, educational and physical support you need not only during labor, but throughout your pregnancy and postpartum as well.

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Virtual Doula

It's like having a Doula in your back pocket! Contact us from anywhere to ask all of your pregnancy and birthing questions. It's the perfect service for anyone not needing a full doula package!

Fertility Egg Freezing

Fertility Services

As a Holistic Fertility Doula, I support natural remedies, recommendations, emotional support, and guidance. I look at each person holistically, at all of the factors that affect conception and make recommendations to enhance the chances of fertility.  Contact me about a package that may work for you.


Prenatal Visits

After beginning our relationship with a meet and greet, as your doula I am committed to your health and the wellbeing of your growing family, available whenever needed throughout your entire pregnancy as well as after giving birth. I will be there to provide you with continuous emotional and physical support, and answer any and all questions you may have.

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Birthing Guidance

Get extra personal support throughout the entirety of your birthing journey. As a Doula, I promise to offer unwavering support to you and your family before, during, and after birth. I will stay in close contact in order to routinely check how you’re doing and offer any support needed.


Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation is the healthiest way to maintain your own nutrients and to reduce postpartum depression, increase breastmilk supply, and maintain your energy. Placenta pills will be delivered within 48-72 hours.


Meet Your Doula

The experience of pregnancy and birth has evolved over the years, especially in today’s modern era. I believe t johat the need for caring, sensitive and knowledgeable support during this time is becoming more and more apparent. I see every pregnancy and birth as a miracle and as a Doula I feel honored to be able to contribute my expertise to birthing parents and their families in the Greater Atlanta area.


"Good things come to those who wait"

Violet Fane


Do you offer postpartum support?

We currently offer short-term postpartum support up to two weeks, following birth.  We can offer more resources if further support is needed.

How do you deal with complications at birth?

We continue to provide high quality doula services, no matter how easy or difficult a labor becomes.  We are with you throughout your labor, birth, and getting settled back at home.

Does a doula replace nursing staff?

A doula does not replace nursing staff, rather adds to your support team.  We are here to provide guidance and advocacy